Volunteering Roles

Worthing TTC is a club for all and any help you can offer will be most welcome. Below you can find volunteering roles and job vacancies within the club’s structure. All volunteering is flexible and we appreciate any time people can give.

It’s not only work, there’s also perks! Volunteers will be offered free Table Tennis sessions, references, gifts and our successful Volunteers Dinners to celebrate your invaluable contributions. Volunteering work will also help you to build a working profile and to gain experience. After 10h volunteering, you’ll be offered a club’s official shirt! Contact us here : contact-us

Photography/Video Editor

The club is looking for someone with a passion for photography and videos. This is essential to showcase the club’s work. 

Graphic Design

Marketing is a key element of any organisation. As such, if you have a hobbie designing promotional materials, give us a hand designing our flyers, banners, cards, etc.

Social Media Representative

Are you Social Medi savvy? The 21st century tools are of great importance to us and the plans are on the move! We need someone who is creative and skillful using all social media channels. This role will work closely with Graphic Design and Photography/Video volunteers.

Events Organiser (Fundraising)

The club wishes to organise more events that are meaningful to the organisation but also the community. However, to organise a successful event takes time and energy… We need you to be the backbone of our fundraising events!


Are you good with numbers? The club’s accounts could use your support. We’re a small and organised place, this role won’t take much time.